Nice Marble Top Coffee Table or Tables to Choose From

Hillsdale Monaco

Searching for the best contemporary lounge furniture? Then my recommendation to you is to get a spectacular and stunning marble top coffee table. Most of these tables are featuring with dynamic and sleek design which is for sure will enhance the decorative statement for your lounge as well as for your home, indeed the presence of this furniture item will definitely exceeding your expectations in terms of their usages. Indeed the beautiful design and construct of these are able to match with any room décor and furniture item. For example, this special coffee table is matched perfectly with wood cabinets, chairs and sofas. Thus the color of these tables also compliments well with other home improvement units like rugs and vases.

These tables are offered with different style, patterns, shapes and sizes. In terms of styles, they are either in modern or antique style. Thus antique is used to compliment for vintage and rustic style of room décor. Indeed contemporary style of this piece is used to match with modern room décor; these pieces are inclusive of like round and oval. For sizes, you get these pieces offered in small, medium and large sizes. However, compares to other coffee table, people generally prefer a larger size Thus they also use these tables as temporary dining table. Nevertheless small sizes of this furniture are suits for smaller sizes of room like apartments and condominium. For colors, in general, antique is offered with original wood stain color. However you get other modern styles like round and oval and are offered with refreshing and unique colors like yellow, blue, pink and also white. To explore more about the charm and usages of this item, let’s take a look at below few types of tables that definitely add stunning and great statement for your room.

Woodbridge Home Designs 251 Series Cocktail Table

Dark Cherry 251 Series Cocktail Table Set

This beautiful coffee table is come with black marble top in dark cherry. They are finished in rich dark cherry finish. Consequently the key design of this table is features with exclusive details like hand-carved cabriole legs and bronze edges. Thus the black marble top is also simulated with beautiful wood components for creating the fretwork panels with the delicate floral bouquet motif. Moreover this table is decorated with delicate floral bouquet motif. The overall dimensions of these tables are 21″ H x 51″ W x 51″ D.

AICO Tuscano Round Cocktail Table in Biscotti

AICO Round Table Tuscano

This antique style is able to create a refined and sophisticated atmosphere in your living room. As far as concern, they are nicely developed of solid pine. The piece is durable and also come with a drawer for storage space. Moreover the smooth curves and beveled glass sectional table top are making this piece the eye-catching item for any room. Thus the intricate hand carvings and curved drawers are adding the function for this furniture piece. They are greatly features with a smart and sleek design with bowed legs that give all pieces a uniquely modern feel while also exuding distinction. As far as concern, these pieces have more than enough storage space underneath.  Its comprehensive finishes would certainly attract attention and admiration from friends and family.

Different Styles

  • Antique Vs Contemporary
  • Square Vs Round
  • Victorian
  • Blank and White Marble
There are a ton of styles that one can choose from, that would fit any match with any home design.

Top Manufacturers


  • Coaster Home Furnishings
  • FurnitureMaxx
  • Homelegance
  • Ezhomespree
  • R.H.F.
  • Famous Stars and Straps
  • Steve Silver Company
  • Foreign Affairs Home Decor

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